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  • An about me/biography page.
  • Includes 2 custom links.
  • Banner is 500px x 210px.
  • Customizable background and colors.
  • Webkit scrollbar.
  • Notes are added in the code itself for references.
  • Inspiration and graphic credit: [  ]
  • Feel free to approach me if you have any questions.
  • Reblog and/or like if you’re using them.

simplehun (about/info page)
live preview and code

!! works best with chrome!! (i will try my hardest to make it more compatible with firefox) !!

  • picture dimensions - 116x116 (pixels)
  • please separate your lines with
  • further instructions are on html if you need to change anything around (ie. text or border colours)

if you need any other help with personal customising, just message me!

Feel Again;

  • Hover links
  • Bio section
  • Please keep credit!
Live Preview  - Download


  • 500x300 image
  • 7 links
  • 2 bio sections
  • Please keep credit!
Live Preview - Download


  • 100x100 image
  • 5 links
  • Bio section
  • Please keep credit!
Live Preview - Download

Coffee Shop; About Me Page

  • Image: 250x400
  • Hover over sign for links
  • Custom cursor
  • Bio section
  • Other section
  • Please keep credit!


About me page: {static preview} + {code} (wait 5 seconds and click skip ad)


  1. Please don’t move, remove or alter the credit
  2. Please don’t redistribute as your own or take snippets from this
  3. Edit away! but please don’t use it as a base code
  4. I think that’s everything, enjoy! if you have any questions, just ask me and I’ll help you!:D


  • Image size:500x400px
  • Hover on image to reveal info
  • 2 custom links
  • Uses tooltips
  • Instructions are in the code and there are clear labels

Nicest Thing; About Me Page

  • Sidebar: 150x150
  • Links scroll to anchors 
  • Bio section
  • Details section
  • Connections sections
  • Please keep credit!


About Me Page #1

Live Preview | Pastebin

So, this is my first about me page. It took a while, and I coded this basically from scratch, so it’s simple. I coded it in Mozilla Firefox and tweaked it in chrome, so I assume it works best in those.

I’m guessing this is pretty self explanatory, once you know how to edit these things. All you need to do, is paste this code in the Custom CSS part of the page you created (it should be set to standard layout at the top of the window, click the drop down list and select it.) After that, just scroll to the botttom and change the parts that are customizable.

The little picture must be 100px by 100px.

(After you’ve cropped the picture or whatever, just upload it to an image hosting site, copy the url given and paste it between the ” ” after <img width=”100” src=)

Don’t remove the credit, and please like/reblog if using


About Page #2

preview / code


  • 280px by 230px image
  • If the text overflows, scrollbar appears
  • Home and ask links


About Page 2 by Roxie

Live preview | Pastebin | FreeTextHost

How To Use (please check before asking)

  • Please like or reblog if you’re using
  • Do not use as a base
  • Do not claim as your own
  • If you have any problem please message me

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Please like/reblog if you’re going to use!


  • Do not claim as your own
  • Edit as much as you want
  • Keep credit intact
  • Do not redistribute


  • 2 x 350px(height)x310px(width) images
  • Space for you name, age, location, gender (can be changed)
  • Back and ask links
  • American Apparel design (credit to goes to @americuns)
  • Small cursor
  • write as much as you want description about yourself. Please note that longer descriptions look better with the scroll bar. 

For any problems with installing please feel to message me.

  • There are instructions within the HTML code. 
  • Please fill in where specified
  • Create a new page and paste the HTML code
If there is any problem please feel free to message me